The “burn hot then turn to rainbows” series, inspired by slap shots to fleshy spots.

Installment 4:  Bon Iver - Bruised Orange (John Prine cover)


The ‘widowmaker’ claimed another victim.  I sat in the bar at the base of Mount Baker and nursed my wounds.  Ice pack on my knee, ice pack on my hip, beer in my hand.  Tunes filled the room, this song played, and then the stereo fell silent.

Bon Iver - re:Stacks, Live

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Trust me, you’re gonna wanna spend your Saturday morning putting this in your ears…. trusssssstttt meeeeeeeee.

Justin Vernon and Sean Carey - song after song of beauty.


Trust me, you’re gonna wanna slow jam your way out of the weekend to this.  Trusssssst meeeeeeee.
Justin Vernon and the Roots - Perth

The first time I heard this song it was a chilly June evening.  I was snuggled in a down sleeping bag, lounging in an anti-gravity chair on my seventh floor balcony with scotch in hand, overlooking the lights of Vancouver and thanking the internet gods for NPR First Listen.  One listen to the whole album and I slapped on the title of best sophomore album I’ve ever heard.  Nine months and a bazillion listens later, I’m still moved.  I never quite know what I’m gonna get with Justin Vernon, and this rendition proves no musician rewards my curiosity like he does.

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